My favorite Marx brother.
Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto.
by Disillusioned Hippie October 02, 2005
A secluded individual who had few friends if any, shunned by his family, and society, and who died decades before anyone took him seriously.
" Karl Marx was my friend "

" Was he your best friend? "

" No, I was his "

" Wow, how sad "

" Hey! Shutup....although he did grab tight on my leg everytime I told him I had to go. "
by Bill Abnovsky August 23, 2006
.Lived 1818-1883
.German historian
.Social scientist
.Wrote Communist Manifestowith Fredrich Engles in 1848
.Wrote Das Kapital in 1867
"i get wet dreams thinking about communism"
"Tell that to Cambodia, you lazy fuck"

Go on..Quiz me on Marx...i dares ya..
by kimmy booth June 05, 2005
When you curl one out in a girls vagina, after drinking 2 litres of smirnoff vodka, simulataniously singing the russian national anthemn, whilst handing out communist propaganda to the unsuspecting public.
I talked about karl marx with kirsty last night.
by Uncle Iosif July 05, 2006
An ugly bearded man who's political philosophies centred themselves on the idea that the lazy should be able to leach off the hard working.
Karl Marx is the hero of the weak and lazy.
by starky August 04, 2007
santa claus although he preferred to go by his other name Satan
karl marx was a real dickhole...i'm glad he's dead!
by o_O i farted September 08, 2006

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