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A reputable actor, Karl Urban just recently made his big acting debut with his appearances in "The Lord of the Rings" films for his role as Eomer. Though having already been in a number of television ("White Fang", "Homeword Bound") and theatre ("Julius Ceasar") performances, his only recognizable roles would be that of the television series "Zena: Warrior Princess" for his roles as Cupid and Ceasar.
Kid #2: "Where do you come up with this stuff?"
J.R.: "From the official Karl Urban website, of course! Man, he is soooo dreamy!"
Kid #2: "Dude, are you gay?"
J.R.: "Well, maybe just a little. But we're all a little gay."
Kid #1: "You said it, Jer!"
Kid #2: "... God dammnit."

{foot-note} The pronunciation mark for the name Eomer goes above the first 'E'. My bad.
by Jean-Rene' White January 04, 2004
Hot actor from new zealand. Played in Lord of the Rings as Eomer, Ghost in The Pathfinder, Leonard Bones Mccoy in Star Trek, Rob in the Price Of Milk and John Grimm "Reaper" in Doom. All equally sexy. Hes 37, has an amazing accent, an a widows peak. Also called Urbanlicious.
People watching Karl Urban: "hes hot....." *sighs, drools slightly*
by outofmyvulcanmind September 05, 2009
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