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Karl Rove is Dick Cheney's vice president. Because Cheney must remain in undisclosed locations while deciding what policies the U.S.A. will follow, he requires an iterim administrator to manage Dubya day to day, and spin bad publicity. Karl Rove is a proven expert and fills this position.

A: Leaked the name of CIA informant Valerie Plame as part of his political agenda

B: After the FBI first interviewed Rove for Watergate, the Republican National Committee - then chaired by Bush the Elder-looked into the charges, decided they were baseless, and offered Rove work.

C: Entered politics by breaking and entering - to steal letterhead

D: E: F:...ad nauseum
While Karl Rove is a proper noun, it can certainly be used as verb:

Dude - my wife just caught me fucking a 17 year old - in the ass.

Shit man, you better K-rove that shit quick. Put some acid in her co-workers desk that she hates, and tell her that evil bitch is trying to split you guys up.
by -waste301 November 07, 2006
307 55
A person that attacks and is prepared to ruin the career of one of the country’s spies tracking terrorist efforts to gain weapons of mass destruction for political gain.
Person #1 Shhh keep it a secret.
Person #2 Don't worry I won't Karl Rove you out...
by John Hopper July 11, 2005
298 77
The Anti-Christ. An embodiment of all evil.
Karl Rove leaked a CIA agent's name. Karl Rove makes me feel like throwing up.
by Ellithreia June 03, 2006
282 67
1. The man behind George Bush.
2. Turd blossom. (What George Bush calls him. I found this out watching a TV special called The 10 Most Fascinating People)
Karl Rove controls Dubya.
by Me December 19, 2004
277 89
george bush's engine/ventriloquist
also goes by turd blossom
by clevelandsteamer August 04, 2005
218 44
Ex-advisor to President Bush. Really, in my opinion, it's about time that happened. Enough said.
Bob: Hey, Joe! Did you hear what happened?
Joe: No. What happened?
Bob: Karl Rove resigned!
Joe: Well, it's about time that happened!
by Bob Smith Etc. August 14, 2007
197 51
The Suge Knight of politics.
I voted for Obama. Karl Rove shot me.
by bossy lady May 22, 2008
168 50