A person that attacks and is prepared to ruin the career of one of the country’s spies tracking terrorist efforts to gain weapons of mass destruction for political gain.
Person #1 Shhh keep it a secret.
Person #2 Don't worry I won't Karl Rove you out...
by John Hopper July 11, 2005
The Anti-Christ. An embodiment of all evil.
Karl Rove leaked a CIA agent's name. Karl Rove makes me feel like throwing up.
by Ellithreia June 03, 2006
1. The man behind George Bush.
2. Turd blossom. (What George Bush calls him. I found this out watching a TV special called The 10 Most Fascinating People)
Karl Rove controls Dubya.
by Me December 19, 2004
george bush's engine/ventriloquist
also goes by turd blossom
by clevelandsteamer August 04, 2005
Ex-advisor to President Bush. Really, in my opinion, it's about time that happened. Enough said.
Bob: Hey, Joe! Did you hear what happened?
Joe: No. What happened?
Bob: Karl Rove resigned!
Joe: Well, it's about time that happened!
by Bob Smith Etc. August 14, 2007
The Suge Knight of politics.
I voted for Obama. Karl Rove shot me.
by bossy lady May 22, 2008
the master of puppets...
Karl Rove: "hahahaha dance for me!!!"
Bush: "yes master" *proceeds to dance*
by Senator Assface July 16, 2006

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