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N. The classic N-64 game with a twist: when the race starts, all participants must open a beer. You may not finish until your beer is finihed.
Three guys playing Kario Mart:

"Im just gonna chug my beer first and then start racing."
"Nah, Im gonna race first, stop before the finish line, chug my beer, and cross the line for the win"
"Your strategies all suck. Playing one handed while drinkin with the other ftw"
by asdfghjklasdf1234 October 19, 2008
69 17
an epic drinking game in which everyone opens up a beer at the start of a mario kart race and can not finish until there beer is done. The one rule is no drinking and driving.
me and the yatties played everyones favorite game kario mart I cleary won as my drinking skills were above everyone elses
by bookzy July 24, 2012
14 6
Playing Mario Kart while intoxicated. Typically under the influence of alcohol or cannabis.
We smoked a few bowls and played kario mart.
by Shazbot470 November 05, 2010
4 19