A girl that is more beautiful than the stars in the sky and the never-ending ocean in the horizon; she is a spark of enlightenment in my eyes. Around her my heart starts beating fast, almost as loud as thunder. If even only for a day, she is the best Girlfriend that a man could have.
by Alex Christopher P November 25, 2012
Her height turns heads and when someone is tall enough to see her face, they need to blink a few times to make sure she isn't a dream. She's beautiful and total model material. She's funny, smart, pretty, and guys are secretly crazy about her. She will go far in life and she's unstoppable when she knows what she wants. Don't get in this girls way. She may seem innocent and shy at first but the sexy monster underneath is life changing.
-Woah who was that tall chick?
-Her name is Karina. Hot right?
-Yeah I wanna get to know her
by The Secretive One November 03, 2013
Karina is the name of a very out going and boy crazy girl. She has a lot of guys crushing on her and has trouble picking one. She usually has creamy skin, brown eyes and long hair. Her twerking skills are out of this world! She's very popular and has a lot of friends. She's good at making out and enjoys summer nights with her friends. Karina has a very good sense of fashion and always looks stunning. Karinas usually have an hour glass figure, a nice bum and boobies. Overall karinas have the full package and any guy who is lucky enough to be with one should feel very special.
Karinas ass is to die for

Karina is a rocket

Karina and he tights
by Twerk101 January 02, 2014
Extremely beautiful girl. Very outgoing and will say exactly what she feels. Shes a trustworthy person, and will never tell anyone your secret. Tend to love cats and are good at dance and gymnastics. Any man would be lucky to have a Karina because she tells no secrets and is a beautiful person inside and out.
Karina is such a sweet girl, I wish i was her.
by paige renee December 01, 2013
Karina is a beautiful person who likes more than one guy at a time, is genuine, has lots of friends, accepts most people, is EXTREMELY good at keeping secrets and taking pictures, likes dogs, is a good liar, a good dancer, an expert at making out, likes to have fun, and LOVES THE MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My friend Karina rocks my socks!
Karina and I went to the movies and made out!
by MmarkM February 05, 2008
A very beautiful girl with a amazing personality, she also has a perverted side to her that loves to tease others. Prefers to tease Steven and suggest sleeping with I'm but dose so in a TEASING maner o: ^-^ =p
Girls compare them selfs to karina
by Ovets11 December 30, 2011
The person who everyone is jealous of. No one can replace her because she is nice and one of a kind. She will speak her mind and it might get her in trouble but she thinks on her feet and gets her way out of it
Karina get a boyfriend every darn day
by Kittyperfect 23 November 21, 2015

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