A girl who's pretty chill...kinda looks like an emo pineapple.
That chick is such a karin
by bruni burger December 12, 2013
An anime centering around a unique vampire girl named Karin Maaka who injects surplus blood into her victims instead of sucking blood. She also suffers enormous nosebleeds if her surplus blood isn't drained and goes berserk if her blood remains pent-up.
Guy #1: Did you see that anime Karin?
Guy #2: Yeah, some vampire chick who's opposite of a normal vampire.
by Schweppes321 May 04, 2009
Karin is a fictional character from Naruto She had red hair red eyes and emo glasses. She has a crush on Sasuke although she is known to be more outfront with Sasuke unlike others such as Sakura, She has even go as far as to save Sasuke's old sweat drenched clothes, and plot raping him. Karin is mean to others and id a pervert when it comes to Sasuke
Karin: Once Juugo and Suigetsu are out cold I'm going to ravage Sasuke like crazy!
Juugo: Why do you have Sasuke's old torn shirt?
Karin: Why do you care!!
by VioletHedgie January 25, 2009
a douchebag
Girl: Ugh he's such a Karin

Boy: You got that right!
by Kassibabayyyyyy February 03, 2010
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