A boy who is out to break hearts will date a girl to get in her pants get her V-card then break her heart and get with her friends. If you meet a Karim watch your self he might be planing to make you his next victim. If you Give him a chance dont let your walls down not even a little bit because he will us that little lead way to fuck up your whole life. DON'T TRUST A KARIM!!!!!!!
gilr 1: did you hear about how karim is now getting with his girls friends fellow team mate.

girl 2: you mean his ex girl friend. he banged her and then brock her heart.

girl 3: the worst part is he wont even girl her the space to heal he acts like nothing ever happened and still flirts with her.

girl 1: well thats her own issue she let's him

Girl 2: yeah i agree she put this upon her self.

girl 3: yeah but hes still a jerk
by KArim victim 101 April 24, 2011
Top Definition
an ultra sexy renaissance man of few words
me: hi

karim: ...
by janet February 05, 2005
A sweet, caring and loving gentlemen. He is also very attractive, but modest. Often defined as flawless.
Look at that Karim, he's so perfect!
by foreverx3 January 19, 2010
A well-mannered, humble man who is very honest, trustworthy and intellegent. Karim has a heart of gold and is well known for gentleman behaviour. He is very family oriented. He also has a charming personality that offers a reason to not dislike him.
Thank you for opening the door for me, that's very Karim of you.
by JE.NN February 04, 2010
one is owns all and is sexified to unimaginable extents.

antonym: pussy, queer, homo
the karim has taken over the planet yet again
by Jen September 04, 2003
a sweet and sexy guy who loves to make girls smile...in all jus an ahmazing person
Awww thats so karim of you
by BwahahahItsMe February 03, 2010
Is a meme god and that's all there is too it.
Damn i wish i had me a meme karim
by thirsgod July 05, 2016
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