The most kindest girl you'll ever meet, pretty, friendly, blonde and LOVES to read; obsessed with harry potter, but that's why everone loves her! Karis is a very clever girl and no one can out smart her! She has nice clothes that suit her personality. You are very lucky to find a Karis, she's one of a kind! Soul mates usually have the name David, Mike or Shaun.
Me; oh yeah, have you got a Karis?
Her; no, wtf is a Karis?
Her; ... i want one.
#friendly #books #harry potter #pretty #blonde
by Littlefatty March 07, 2011
Top Definition
The best person in the world
No one is better than a Kari
by Crazyhorse713 May 17, 2004
kari is the greatest. she is always there when i need her and no matter what i do she will always understand. she is beautiful on the outside and on the inside. shes soo funny and she can always make me smile even when im down so low...she is my beat friend. i would never know what i would do without her.
Kari is my FAVORITE. back up bitch <333
by calley May 03, 2005
She is the greatest person ever. That's enough said. She's changed my life and been the greatest person i ever could have wanted. She makes me happy and makes each day worth living. Just to see her beautiful face and kiss her sweet lips while looking into her deep blue eyes makes me smile, hell just thinking about it. She litterally is the girl of my dreams. If anyone asked me 'what my dream girl' was like i had a very good definition and even how she would look. She matches everything and i mean EVERYTHING! From the most desired parts to even the very little things suck being very good in bed ;)..but i won't get into those details.
Kari is the greatest person that ever lived. Anyone who disagrees will get their skullcrushed, set on fire and decapitated piece by piece to the bone and fed to the wolves! They'll love your fresh cooked meat as a tasty treat >=D
by Shadow0fDeath July 06, 2004
The best person you will ever meet. Drop-dead gorgeous. Kind-hearted. No fear. Selfless. Beautiful. Perfect.

And too good for anyone.
Person 1 "I love Kari"
Person 2 "I love Kari more"
#carrie #kare #perfect #lovely #beautiful
by partylikear0ckstar July 06, 2012
A rough translation from Japanese which means "light."
Kari was one of the children in Digimon; her "element" was light.
by Alise December 25, 2003
Loving,Beautiful,amazing person with an amazing sense of humor and amazing taste in style
Kari is beautiful
#kari #beautiful #amazing #style #humor
by Rain(: November 08, 2010
meaning "extremely cute" or "stunningly beautiful"
a person with a great personality and a good sense of humor.
someone with a huge choad.
someone who will teach you how to "sexy dance"

a professional pole dancer?!
Kari: the girl I enjoy talking to. And laughing at, in a good way, of course. I hope she likes this because It's all true.
#kari #beautiful #cute #pole #dancer
by MasoniteMetal February 22, 2008
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