Anything that is chemical, natural, or bio-degradable.

A Karen's volume can NOT be turned down nor can it be shut-off. The Karen continually talks. Sometimes the speech can be about bands like "Cute Is What We Aim For." It also often talks about the effect on jungle men when they're exposed to AFI and large amounts of alcohol. A Karen can also talk about deep things like font size and anal gas.
"Dude, check out my Karen. Now, I can learn about the ozone layer and evolution!"
by Kirsten Simon January 31, 2007
1. A slang term for a vagina.
2. The vertical smile, poon, love canal, pearly panty gates, cunt, love rug, deep pink, cooter.
3. A sacred portal through which all light, goodness, rejuvenation, joy and ecstasy may enter the human form.
4. A woman who is a bitch for the sheer pleasure of being a bitch.
5. A woman who is a waste of oxygen; a moron.
6. To be that woman who is an embarassment to everyone around her, even if they are not associated.
1. The Karen is one step below perfection.
2. Steve: "Any luck with Janet last night?"
Ryan: "She was serving up all Karen, all night!"
3. Karen is what all men strive for.
4. I seriously cannot believe my mother. She has been a total Karen.
5. Ever since Amanda and I broke up she has contracted 'the clap,' gotten herself addicted to heroine, and become the biggest Karen in existance.
6. Ally is the most obnoxious person, I cant believe someone can be that much of a Karen and not even know it.

by LOLomgLOL March 27, 2007
Is a smelly women, from the back end of no where in Ireland. And someone who likes Kate Bush!...Like why??..Yeah...Thats a Karen!
Karen is a smelly women
No she's not
by Andy Pandy101 October 29, 2006
The friend that nobody likes. Everyone acts liek her friend anyway.
"Karen is always a bag of douche"
by Je m'appelle Jen January 28, 2006
a douchebag
aka a bag of douche
"Karen is ALWAYS a douchebag. Karen is always a bag of douche."
- Dane
by jeeeeze October 27, 2007
1.a person who deserves to be punched in the liver and pushed into a water fountain.
"Omg she is being such a Karen today"
by Andrea V. November 23, 2007

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