A group's token douchebag.
Karen is a douchebag. In every group there's a Karen, and she's always a bag of douche.
by danecookdude August 16, 2010
A "Karen" is a girl who is a total slut, really stupid, and an attention whore. She is a girl in a group of friends that no body likes...they just keep her around to talk bad about her.

(As told by Dane Cook)
Samantha: "We should start calling Abby, Karen."
Jamie: "We should...Abby is SO slutty."
*Abby walks by*
Samantha: "Hey Abby! Your new nickname is Karen!"
Abby: "Haha, why?"
Jamie: "It fits you!"
by pinkpoodle_1017 February 17, 2011
A superficial person who dates guys with weird names like swerve or skidmark. She thinks she is the queen of all queens when in actuality she is just a pompous girl who gets walked all over. Her business adventures include making cat treats and selling them at a consignment shop. Total loser Karen is.
Karen is Vain, Ignorant, Liar, Judgmental, Arrogant
by ShroomheadWaylon February 11, 2010
A Karen is a bitchy hoebag that is manipulative and deceiving. Always appears pleasant but is twisted in the mind. Be careful because a Karen is a control freak and will change a person from being laid back to a tense state of frustration. A Karen will twist your words so be careful of what you say around her. She often belittles people to the point of tears so don't feel bad about yourself, its just the way she is. More often than not a Karen will pretend to be funny but is really just being condescending (on purpose). Good luck to you if you are to ever meet a Karen.
Karen is a bitch.
by the only honest one February 06, 2010
"hey dani wanna hang out?"
"i can't, karen's home.."
by olivejuiceeeee July 03, 2009
Karen is a common girls name. But when used as slang, it is meant to refer to a person within a group that is ussually the biggest jerk or annoyance.

Based off of the comedy from Dane Cook. A karen is the douche of the group.
Karen will always be an asshole, or douchebag. But we still put up with them anyways.

When calling that person Karen they will not understand it, and will most likely show the Karen side to themselves, and get angry over being called it.

If anyone is to ask who or what Karen is. You are to say
"Karen is Karen"

in the most simple terms, that is who karen is.
"God i swear, Karen pisses me off so much"
"Whos Karen?"
"Karen is Karen"
"You mean Ilia?"
"Exactly, Ilia is Karen"
by FredFighter June 21, 2009
The nickname given to the one person (usually a female) in a group whom everyone hates
Karen is always a douche bag!
by Canada09 January 10, 2010

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