"hey dani wanna hang out?"
"i can't, karen's home.."
by olivejuiceeeee July 03, 2009
Karen is a common girls name. But when used as slang, it is meant to refer to a person within a group that is ussually the biggest jerk or annoyance.

Based off of the comedy from Dane Cook. A karen is the douche of the group.
Karen will always be an asshole, or douchebag. But we still put up with them anyways.

When calling that person Karen they will not understand it, and will most likely show the Karen side to themselves, and get angry over being called it.

If anyone is to ask who or what Karen is. You are to say
"Karen is Karen"

in the most simple terms, that is who karen is.
"God i swear, Karen pisses me off so much"
"Whos Karen?"
"Karen is Karen"
"You mean Ilia?"
"Exactly, Ilia is Karen"
by FredFighter June 21, 2009
The nickname given to the one person (usually a female) in a group whom everyone hates
Karen is always a douche bag!
by Canada09 January 10, 2010
A "Karen" can be used as either a noun or a verb. A "karen" means somebody who is being rude, obnoxious, unaware, insensitive, annoying, self-absorbed, ignorant and etc. or somebody who has a big, BIG, appetite.
Bob and Billy are in the park. Bob eats part of the monkey bars as Bob stares.

Bob: "GOD, billy, don't be such a karen."


Bob is sharing a heartfelt conversation with Billy, Mart walks in on them. And, Billy, being a Karen, asks Bob rudely to repeat every personal situation with Mart; who has just walked in. Bob, feeling uncomfortable, is unwilling to share, so Billy repeats it to Mart. Completely ruining the moment with his "karen"-ness.
by Why now?122 August 06, 2009
The friend that nobody likes. There is one of these people in every group of friends. Basically kept there so others can hate their guts. Often kept around so they can be cut down. Karen is always a douche-bag. Every group has a Karen and she's always a bag of douche.
Person A: "Karen overheard me say I was going to dinner with you guys and now she's tagging along"

Person B: Oh god. Not that bag of douche.
by arthur783 April 18, 2009
Karen is a girl that thinks she is better than everyone else. She likes to make everythig a competition, and claims to never be wrong. In Actual life everyone knows that she is a bitch and is know around as the friend nobody likes.
God karen was so annoying today.

I know what a bitch she always thinks she is right.

God Karen she is such a Douchebag
by Blogger 42 May 27, 2009
Anything that is chemical, natural, or bio-degradable.

A Karen's volume can NOT be turned down nor can it be shut-off. The Karen continually talks. Sometimes the speech can be about bands like "Cute Is What We Aim For." It also often talks about the effect on jungle men when they're exposed to AFI and large amounts of alcohol. A Karen can also talk about deep things like font size and anal gas.
"Dude, check out my Karen. Now, I can learn about the ozone layer and evolution!"
by Kirsten Simon February 03, 2007

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