The most amazingly beautiful girl I know both inside and out! She's super smart with the most amazing personality! She's cute, kind, funny, absolutely gorgeous, but yet a little shy. She has the most amazing smile that can brighten your day and brightest blue eyes that sparkle in the night sky, long beautiful blonde hair. Her voice is just so mesmerizing. She's a little insecure but she just hasn't realized how absolutely amazing she is yet. I don't know what I would do without her she is my world and the best friend that no one could ever replace. No one could ever forget her. She's honestly the one that I could see myself with forever and ever. I love her.
Damn Karen is so fuckin amazing!!!
by uirthgejdovfibgeuohirjn July 24, 2013
A very nice girl who is very cute. She is very interesting and definitely worth talking to.
I talked to Karen today, and I was shocked to find out she plays the same first person shooters that I played. That is so cool!
by DJJohnnymeister October 24, 2015
Even if you bring donuts on Friday, she will find something to bitch about. She is a drag, but lots of people enjoy taking snapchats of her and making funny captions. Think there'll be chaperones on trips? Hell NAW! If you want to go out during the night, she'll probably be too drunk to do room checks, so your in clear my friend.
Karen - "Did you get them role plays done?"
You - "No, I was studying for a physics test."
Karen - "In the real world, your boss would probably fire you."
by DNelson March 10, 2015
Karen is is amazing. She's a smart, funny, slightly crazy girl and really really scary. People see her as the crazy Asian girl, but in reality....wait she is....Anyways. Karen normally puts herself off as cold, and non caring, though all you have to do is get to know her and realize that suggesting murder weapons is her way of showing she cares. She loves manga such as Death Note, is obsessed with L, is genuinely smart, and can be slightly disturbing. Karen is Karen. Also known as Slendy.
Person: What do you like Karen?
Karen: Umm, likes? I objects...and blood. Lots of blood. All that blood...what were we talking about?
by Kyuubi/Kitty March 31, 2013
the one jackass at the party that hogs the beer.
Bob was being a karen at the party last night
by the not sexist kind April 03, 2015
A Karen is one who tries desperatley to hide her true Karenish behaviour. Eventually though, it will come out - her eyes glaze over, she loses focus and starts speaking Karenese.

Endlessly amusing, and fun to tease. The best colleague ever, because when yu blame her for something, she isnt sure that she didnt do it!
Hey, im talking to you, you doing a Karen?

I dont understand you, stop speaking Karenese!
by Miauw Miauw February 05, 2010

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