greek meaning 'pure', a beautiful inside and out person.
she's a karen.
by J.J1988 July 19, 2010
the best nickname for this beastly name is kar. kar is an amazing best friend that you can always count on to be there for you when you need it. she caring, trustworthy, fun, smart, good sense of humor, and just down right fucking amazing. she doubts herself sometimes and hopefully someday she sees how amazing she is and what good she actually brings to everyone, and that smile of hers…yeah, got MOTS wanting more of it. this goof is one of kind and anyone that has her in their life is damn well lucky.
hey you know karen?" "chyeah, she's beast
A name given to the most ridiculously amazing, beautiful, sweet, gorgeous, incredible, cute, all around perfect girl in the whole Universe. She is just stunning, she can light up the darkest rooms with her smile, and bring up anyones day with her voice, there is nothing wrong with her at all, she just never ceases to amaze anyone, her beauty is hypnotic and her eyes are mesmerizing, she herself is so magnetic, on a scale of 1 to 10 she is an Eleventy Fortyfour,she may seem like a good girl but have a night with her and you'll discover her total bad girl side, she is into pink fuzzy handcuffs and leather,but you still cant help but remain in love with her,even though she is incredibly kinky.thats just how a karen is..
Gosh! When I saw karen pass by my zipper broke!
by kinkywhooooooooooooooooorrrrrr October 20, 2010
1.Someone's first,second,third(and so on..) name.
It is a given name ; a name given at birth.
In english it is derived by the Danish form of the name Katherine which means pure.It is considered a name for girls.
In Armenian, it is a boys name thus make it for both boys and girls.
To know more :

2.The Karen people ; people who come from a place named Karen thus making them a Karen.They reside in Thailand and Burma.They are approximately 7,400,000 million combined.
For more info

3.The Karen language spoken by the Karen people.
An exemple of the language here :
1. "Hello, my name is Karen.Nice to meet you."

2.The Karen people reside not only in Thailand but also in Burma.

Jen : Pat, have you ever heard the Karen language?
Pat : It is actually my native language.
by BarelyBreathing January 30, 2009
A most amazing girl. Beautiful, sexy, charming, mysterious, sweet and funny. A girl that all of the boys want and all of the girls admire. Extraordinary.
That girl is too good to be true! She must be a Karen!
Karen is a genuine and caring person. She puts others before herself and takes good care of the ones she loves. Her children love her and admire her not only because she's an amazing mother but because she's an amazing person. She doesn't always realise it but her generosity and happiness is something that is not only noticed by her family but anyone that meets her. She doesn't always believe in herself but the one things she needs to know the most is that all her family believe in her. <3
I wish my mum was like Karen
by from daughter to mum April 22, 2011
Danish form of Katherine. It was considered the "Ashley" of the baby-boomer generation. It was popular for girls who were born 1950's and 1960's.
Karen used to be popular as the name Ashley and Jennifer were today. I would like to name my baby daughter Karen.
by kwamefi December 29, 2009
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