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The epitome of sexy, greatness and hot. A man that is very smart, rugged and knows what he wants.

Definitly knows how to please a woman.
Has a huge penius and performs well, very well.

Having a man named Karanbir will end up in ultimate happiness.
Jessica: Man im bummed. My man is no good and doesn't satisfy me. Im always sad.

Kate: Sounds like the typical man. You should get your self a karanbir, you'll never never stop smiling.
by hot rugged beast February 13, 2009
40 19
a man who has really big balls.he doesn't give a fuck about anyone.girls have an inner desire to have sex with him,but he chooses his women.
girl:oh god,that karanbir makes me wet.
friend:me too.
girl:what should we do?
friend:he's out of our league.we should go back to to our sucky boyfriends.
by michelle898653 August 30, 2010
40 27