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A man in the process of achieving perfection in the shoulders.
- Brat, your shoulders look sik.
- Thanx there a real Kara.
by KAY:LEE & ALX:147 April 24, 2007
Kara is short of Kurac which means:Penis,dumbfuck,dick or stupid person.
Used in Serbian,Croatian,Bosnian and Albanian
Long kara = Long dick
by Serbian dude June 26, 2007
Kara is A tall lanky piece of lesbian crap, looks like a hairy ice cream. obsessed with midgets and falls in love with monsters and is extremely hairy in lots of places..she is the new and improved KING KONG she will eat you alive coz she eats everything even shit. she likes to pick her nose and flick it (who doesnt to be honest :]) so beware bitchs
OMG!!! its kara the hairy ice cream king kong tall lanky piece of lesbian crap..hmm nice il tap that
by Kara&&Marie October 31, 2007