A pal skank who flashes her nasty ass flame tattoo around like she's Sharon Stone or something.
Look, I'm Kara, I have saggy tits, I'm a wannabe firefighter, and I suck VIP dick.
by Elsalv November 28, 2013
a beautiful girl that has alot of friends but is always in drama
shes a good friend is very funny with a great peronality
she is loud and dosent care what anyone says about her
Kara's are skinny and average height
she always stays true to the ones she loves and never lets them go
Kara is the best friend you could ask for !
by LoveForever9-2-11 February 21, 2012
She is a tall, blonde, green-eyed beauty. The nicest girl you will ever meet. She would do anything for anyone at anytime. You're lucky if you ever encounter such a woman.
Oh my gosh dude! look at her, she must be a kara
by blahblahblahhhhhhhhhh October 08, 2011
Kara (Hangul: 카라, Japanese: カラ, often stylized as KARA) is a South Korean girl group signed with DSP Media (DSP). The band name Kara comes from the Greek Word "chara" (χαρά, lit. "joy"), which the group interpreted to mean "sweet melody".
Kara started as a four-member group and debuted with a "strong female" image through R&B style for their first album The First Blooming in 2007. In 2008, Kim Sunghee departed the group due to parental pressure, and two new members were brought in; as such, the group currently consists of five members: Park Gyuri, Han Seung-yeon, Nicole Jung, Goo Hara, and Kang Jiyoung.
The group eventually made their debut in Japan in 2010. By the end of that year, Kara was dubbed as Japan's #1 Rookie Artist of 2010 by Oricon and also received the New Artist Of The Year Award (International) from the Japan Gold Disc Awards. The group also released their first Japanese album, Girl's Talk which was eventually certified as Platinum by the RIAJ. In February 2011, Kara's "Jumping" and "Mister" singles received Platinum and double Platinum certificates, respectively, from RIAJ. In March, Kara became the first foreign female artist to top Oricon’s Composite DVD Chart and the first foreign artist to top this chart for 2 consecutive weeks. In April 2011 with their 3rd single "Jet Coaster Love", Kara became the first foreign female group since the creation of the Oricon (43 years ago) to rank #1 in the 1st week of release and the first foreign female group in 30 years to rank #1 in the charts all together. They also hold the title as the first Korean girl group to top the Oricon Weekly Single Chart. Their official fanclub is Kamilia, derived from a combination of the words "KARA" with the Latin word for family, "familia." Kara's official balloon color is pearl peach.

Also referred to Best F*** Five and Korean Angels Representing Korea
by Kpopguru October 01, 2011
A slutty demonic bitch from planet vagina.
"This girl is such a kara, she needs to die"
by MagicPants May 27, 2015
An anime made by Tatsunoko, the masters of anime in japan.

The plot revolves around a bishonen, Otoha, former yakuza member, who earns the power to become a Karas, a superpowered ninja covered by a black armor. This armor gives him powers to protect the city against the mikuras, machine demons created by the former Tokyo's protector, Ekou, a Karas who turned against the city.

Also, there's the Yurines, fairies who travel together with the Karas, giving them their powers.

It is a unique anime with 3D-celshaded scenes blending with traditional animation, splendid fight scenes - they actually fight, instead of shitty, pointless drama and angst, like in naruto and twilight books.

Karas is also a top-tier character in Wii's crossover fighter Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and has a fighting style similar to Strider Hiryu, focusing on speed and chain combos instead of damage.
Karas is one of the best anime ever created.

Also, I love to play with him in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.
by Hexamethylene November 26, 2009
Kara is a thick and juicy mother trucker! She is gorgous with bright blue eyes. She will always be there for the people who matter. If you mess with her, don't expect to wake up the next morning. Her archnemisis is the little bratty boy next door and the police. She loves her byfriencs she loves Mary Jane. She is so much fun and there is never a dull moment when you hang out with her.
Wit Dat Ass, she must be a Kara!
by beardlover69 April 03, 2013

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