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a goddess. She is beautiful, gorgeous, hot, sexy, funny smart, kind, honest and loyal. she is undeniably the most irresistable person in the world. she most often has brunette hair and stunning blue/green eyes. When she smiles she makes you weak in the knees.
Wow! That has to be a Kara!
by Jason0405 December 12, 2010
adj; a person who bitches too often causing people to socially reject them. The word "bitching" can actually be an understatement, in which the word "cunting" would be more appropriate
guy 1: omg my legs hurt.
guy 2: dude stop being a kara.
by @kazzzmatic October 22, 2013
A person who delivers amazing hugs every time, and is as cute as pumpkin pie. Also is a professional in the area of anime and really knows her Photoshop! Watch out, because if you try to hijack a kara and fly her into the sun, you will instantly be hijacked and flown into the sun.
Its just the way it is!
Hey its Kara! Lets all get really happy and hug her now!
by Moxing June 16, 2010
Gtfo, kara's mine, go die in a hole.
by crispyqueef July 19, 2011
A mean person who acts like she is nice. Always will try to make you buy things; especially sushi..She is most likely a cheerleader and a person obsessed with cats, if you try to sleep while with this person expect to be tickled, but first you have to not be stood up by her. Expect her to flirt with a lot of other people while talking to you too, good luck.
Kara keeps telling me to buy her sushi, or give her my giant teddy bear.
by TruthBot066 February 25, 2014
She is a tall, blonde, green-eyed beauty. The nicest girl you will ever meet. She would do anything for anyone at anytime. You're lucky if you ever encounter such a woman.
Oh my gosh dude! look at her, she must be a kara
by blahblahblahhhhhhhhhh October 08, 2011
A short, amazing, funny, gorgous girl. She is usually referred to as Pikachu. She has an AMAZING smile. And can totally make people go from extreemely sad to extremly happy. someone who is totally lovable. someone who any guy would be amazingly lucky too have.
Bro shes a kara !
by erickfrsh101 July 20, 2011