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A recently discovered folklore from Croatia, KaraÐoz is a mischievous creature approximately 2 to 6 inches in height with the appearance of a caveman covered in full length body hair (no skin visible through the hair.) With tiny black eyes and tiny razor teeth, the KaraÐoz is said to live in the walls of people who seem to always have troubles with their environment. The KaraÐoz is most known for eating or chewing on electrical cabling within the walls of homes.

As with many regional folklores and mythology, this one has crossed the globe and found its way to America, but with the mis-translation to CuttaJoes (phonetic pronunciation of KaraÐoz) . The myth is the same though, with the CuttaJoes playing pranks and wreaking general havoc in the dwellings of those that continually have bad luck.
If one were to have continuing problems with their cable television, it would be said that maybe they have "the KaraÐoz lurking about".
by genshi March 25, 2005
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