A group of extremely classy and established women. We are dedicated to our philanthropies, active at our schools, and great at throwing socials and crushes where we remain classy and well behaved. While some may be a little promiscuous or proud, most are down to earth good girls always willing to give a helping hand. Any one who talks badly about us is probably either jealous or someone who didnt get a bid from us and now is a sorority hating GDI.
A girl should be three things, classy, fabulous, and KAPPA!

by AshleyJ April 04, 2008
A women's Fraternity (because sorority was not coined yet) that was Founded at Monmouth College in Illinois on October 13, 1870, by 6 young women (the youngest was 14!) The badge is the Golden Key, the jewel is the sapphire (symbol of truth and sincierity), the flower is the fleur de lis (iris, for dignity and grace) the mascot is an owl (for wisdom, colors are light and dark blue, national philanthropy is reading is fundamental or RIF. Each Chapter establishes a name for itself upon the school's campus, i.e the Ladie of KKG at creighton are known for being diverse and philanthropic.

KKG is mainly known as "spoiled", "rich", and "Pretty or Popular", Mostly known as Classy, Trustworthy, and Dependable
"Those ladies of KKG are classy!"
"You can really trust those Kappas!"

Rah! Rah! For Kappa Kappa Gamma!
Three cheers for the girls who wear the blue and blue!

Now you can quote me when I say
I am a kaapa girl from Creighton U!
I'm true to the wise old owl who wears the golden key.
Blue ribbon gardens grow the Fleur De Lis.
Oh the owl, the key the fleur de lis,
The blue the blue well thats for me!

Rah! Rah! For KKG!
by KappaRugger22 January 03, 2010
A sorority that puts on a front as being classy, when in truth they are a society of money grubbing whores.
Did you hear that Frank married a Kappa Kappa Gamma?
Yea, poor guy; she will drain his account and screw his best friend. Even Bill Gates can't support a Kappa!
by F. U. Kappas May 01, 2006
Your typical sorostitute. They tend to think they're a more upper crust bunch than the average ho, but in reality just tend to get more bling for their effort, though they tend to put out the least amount of effort.
Kappa Kappa Gamma's are like investing in a lemon, it might look good, but it rarely functions normally.
by Frylock30 May 09, 2006
A sorority that strictly bases membership on gold digging and stoic permiscuity. Kappas affectate pride and honor, when in truth are a group of money grubbing whores.
Did you hear about Frank? He married a Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Oh, poor guy. She will steal all his money and sleep with his best friend. Even Bill Gates can't support a Kappa!
by F U Kappas May 29, 2006
Kappa Kappa Gammas are basically, like, the classiest girls alive, right?
WRONG. Kappa Kappa Gamma women epitomize promiscuity, gold-digging, nastiness, and are completely devoid of class. They use their self-described "attractive looks" to get whatever they want from those who cannot escape their clutches. Maybe they're fun to mess around with (it's basically a sure thing), but they do not have the brains, class, reputation, or loyalty to be trusted as anything other than a booty call.
Did you see those Kappa Kappa Gammas last night?

Watch out bro-those girls are NASTY
by exex April 18, 2007
KKG have a waayyy over inflated opinion of themselves and their orgaanization. When I was going through rush, I went to a party and a Kappa was doing "a train" (having sex with multiple guys). At the earlier rush party, they told me how good they were. UGH. I dropped them the next day. Not fun or interesting either. Sure, some are great girls, but overall. boring and arrogant. They think they are the "best sorority" on every campus, but that is certainly not the case. Some really unattractive and overweight girls plus really "easy" girls in the chapters that I have seen and from the feedback from fraternity and sorority members, and they are definitely not jealous. Think they are the "top", and pledge the "best girls, actually, they pledge by the tonnage, look at the national website.
KKG = Theta and Pi Phi wannabes
"KKG wear the key because kites and arrows were denied to thee"
Raise your hand if you are dating a Kappa, if not, raise your standards.
Raise your hand if you are dating a Kappa, keep it raised if you need a second dose of penicillin.
KKG = Kappa Insecurity
Kappa Kappa Gamma needs to get a realistic image of themselves. Not that great!
by Jenna2810 April 28, 2007
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