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Used in reference to a fraternity boy who secretly enjoys man-on-man action.

Kappa Alpha Shhs are hard to spot because a) in person they display classic frat boy good looks and classic, drunken frat boy behavior, and b) online, they either have no pics or a pic of them snapped at a party, beer in one hand, the other making a feeling fist, with their face cut out mask their identity.
J: Dude, these totally hot guys just moved in next door.
T: Kappa Alpha Shh?
J: Damn, I hope so!


T: What's with the smile?
J: Just got some awesome head in the library basement bathroom.
T: Kappa Alpha Shh?
J: Yeah, poor guy. But man can he slob!
by JohnnyAZ May 12, 2006
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