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Kapitan Bomba it's a polish educational show which was made with an intention for people, who wants to visit or live in Poland to learn about the country and its language. It's structurally divided, first episodes being shorter and use more common words, so the learner learns the most common polish words, like kurwa, chuj, <prefix>-pierdalać, pizda, piedolona ciota, ... The episodes gradualy get longer, with most common words filtered out, so the user can use the knowledge gotten from first episodes to fill the missing words. The universe of Kapitan Bomba resembles Poland very much, like most of beings are gay, like (smell) shit and are obsessed with asses. This could prove very useful to a traveller to Poland, to be more careful, as you can quickly find yourself having stuck something in your ass. The show features also some inside show, called Kapitan Dupa, which exposes the poor conditions in polish army.

Kapitan Bomba is produced by GIT Produkcja (known by having most gay staff), led by Bartosz "Pedał" Walaszek.
Niski żołnierz: Kurwa, panie kapitanie, jak wylądujemy na słonce, to się spalimy!
Kapitan Bomba: Masz me za idiote? Wylądujemy w nocy!

Kapitan Bomba: Nie zginiesz od karabina. Rozpierdolę cię granatem.
Kosmita: He, he, w dupie mam twój granat!
Kapitan Bomba: Zgadza się.

Niski żołnierz: O kurwa, co to?
Kapitan Bomba: To pierdolone chujew! Napierdalać, komu życie miłe!

Kapitan Bomba: Dobra. Teraz trochę teorii: żeby mieć pewność, że nie spudłujemy, lufę karabina wpychamy kosmicie w dupę i nacis...
Chorąży Torpeda: Ech, Bomba, Bomba. Wpychamy w dupę. To, że ty jesteś ciotą, nie znaczy, że musisz uczyć pedalstwa swoich żołnierzy.

Chudy żołnierz: Kurwa! On żyje!!
Kapitan Bomba: Przypierdolcie z granata!!
Chudy żołnierz: O kurwa! Panie Kapitan
by Janshevik March 25, 2010
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