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Joke made off of Kanye West after his moronic display at the VMA's. To Kanye someone is to make a comparison of what they did to someone better.
Person 1: Did you hear about Patrick Swayze?

Person 2: I'm real happy for his publicity and I'mma let you finish, but Michael Jackson had one of the best celebrity deaths of this year!

Person 3: You've been Kanye'd!
by NumbnutNil September 24, 2009
A sex position also known as the Kanye West , Right before climax with a woman you stop and tell her how you know some one who is better...
yeah she sucked in bed so I kanye'd her
by Elguapo1 March 08, 2011

To be rudely and publicly interrupted in the course of an acceptance speech for an award by a nearly unintelligible self-promoter who may be suffering from a form of as yet undiagnosed mental illness.
Victim: Thank you very much for this award, and-

Asshole: Yo, imma let you finish, but Beyonce was one of the greatest singers of all time. OF ALL TIME! (or)

Female Asshole: Blah Blah Blah Blah (still uninterpreted)

These are two examples of being Kanye'd.
by California Chainsaw March 10, 2010
an act of rude drunken, drug-ridden disruption

when a desperate someone on the slide, needs to trash another.

when a wannabe disrupts someone's moment cause they're drunk, drugged, out of control and outta work

usually people who kanye are endorsed by people who love they ass, like Oprah and Beyonce--or whateva ha new name be, cause they all be black. They goin down too. Careful whom you endorse. You both lost a lot!
Taylor was kanyed it's true. He won't do that shit again. Even Gaga throwin his small-dicked black ass down the toilet.
Go, Gaga.
by Wyeth October 02, 2009
To say somebody stuff is good but someone else is better
Some one says : Honey, i like your noodles, but aunt Jodi's are better.

You say : "Ohhhhh, you got KANYED!!!!"
by Samdeen September 24, 2009