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an act or action that is TOTALLY random, flummoxing, and improvisational, that leaves or those surrounding the individual flabbergasted and thinking did that person just say or do that?? It is usually following by a shaking of the head, the dropping of the jaw and an OMG!!!! Prompting an IMMEDIATE post on FACEBOOK, MYSPACE OR TWITTER. *CANN0N* Still progressing….
Back up and give him some space he is "Kanye Westing" be prepared 4 anything.
by *CANN0N* September 17, 2009
(n) masturbating; especially by a feral, sex-obsessed, stalking pervert

Refers to Kanye West and his obsession with the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Kanye admitted that he frequently masturbated to the tape and then he embarked on an obsessive, borderline stalking, campaign to win over the object of his infatuation.
Where' Spike? I though we were all heading to the club?

He's inside Kanye Westing to the tennis match on TV. He's absolutely obsessed with Serena Williams."
by mike49677 January 08, 2013
Masturbating to your own reflection
"Man, last night was fun."
"What'd you do?"
"I spent the whole night Kanyewesting."
"That's fuckin gross dude..."
by Shinangins XD March 26, 2012
throwing a bunch of random shit together and calling it god like art.
"pussy wiggles through your mouth" bra that is some god like art bitch that is some kanye westing bull shit
by kanye westing it April 20, 2015
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