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Kanye Westin' defines "Power, Swift Movement; Impulse"

Kanye Westin' Is an 'Adverb' Which gives notion that a Powerful movement, action, or happening is about to Happen, Happening Or Happened (As Kanye Westin' Can be applied Both Past, Present and Future)

Kanye Westin' Is strictly used and applied only when used in a Powerful Stride, or Bawlsey, Except With Kanye Westin' It takes Courage or Guts; Just a Impulse Blast of Power! Like BOOM! Right Now.
"Its Hard Conversationing Some of the 'Ladies' with their perfect life, here at the Club. God Bless God Bless, & they're out Walking Seniors across CrossWalks; Organizin Fundraisers & Charities & Blessin' all their Greatest Friends & What not, And! Then there's Yours Good-Lookin' Truly, Kanye Westin' All up in this BIZNess - Man, they should pay Me Royalties for every girl who buys a drink just so She could get Drunk enough to liquidcourage up & walk past me! I'm practically Good For Business!
by R Es Field November 06, 2010

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