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A hand job lubricated with barbeque sauce. (Preferrably KC Masterpiece brand)
I was initially apprehensive in my new pair of Helmut Lang jeans... However, I figured any residual barbeque lube from the KC Slider (I was about to be served) could be made to look intentional and therefore charged to the game.
by C. Krueger Ivy League September 30, 2004
A Kansas City slider is a pole dancer who seductively dry-humps the stripper pole during a performance, feigning masturbation, while wearing an extremely brief costume. The sheer public eroticism of the act is has a sure impact in encouraging larger amounts of tips.
Maude was disappointed in her tips from the last set, so she became a Kansas City slider for her 11:00 set.
by Sexy Limousine Liberal March 10, 2010
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