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The most talented, most offensive horrorcore rapper in the game. Listening to a complete track is definitely the worst form of disrespect to Christianity and may be an unforgivable sin in God's eyes. He has produced 2 Albums that are sold on Amazon and available on Youtube. He goes by the name Keno Kain,and on his Twitter page, claims to be the most vile, disgusting, and evil human that walks the earth. His first album, released in 2001 titled "Blood Thirsty", features songs with titles like God Is Dead, No Heaven, Devil Tongue and Hellbound. He released his second album, "Blasphemy: True Words of Worship" in 2011. The tracklist is no less offensive than his earlier work, and the album cover is a picture of Jesus' head half decayed with an inverted cross on his forehead. But if you can handle the shock of his blatant hatred for all things holy, his delivery is better than most mainstream platinum selling rappers in the game today. He resides in Windsor, ON. The entire population of Canada will most likely spend eternity in Hell, but that's a small price to pay for the enjoyment a minuscule percent of white boys get from his music. Thanks Canada, we won't forget aboot this!
I heard that for every Kannibalistik album sold on Amazon, an imaginary angel loses its wings and falls from heaven to be eaten alive.
by GodIsAPunchline December 23, 2011
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