Another word for gay or faggot.
Brokeback Mountain is the most Kang movie ever.
by TheCrazedFrater March 07, 2011
A girl with beautiful brown eyes, a great smile, and smooth hair. Someone everyone wants to be but there is only one of. A really great person.
Kang is like the most famous person in the whole school, everyone knows her.
by Matt K.erns July 04, 2009
Someone who thinks they are cool when they are really stupid fags.
(kid) I am so cool
(friend) no you're not you are a Kang
(kid) I know because I am so cool
by John Carmens March 05, 2008
slang for the common penis
I've got a great big kang on me!
by I.P. Often February 23, 2005
gansta way of saying 'king'
Yo o' fay im the kang of this hood
by Logan October 04, 2003
Basically another word for smell.
Blimey it dnt half kang in ere bruv.
av a shower love u kang.
u been down there it kangs
by B-live June 07, 2005
a faux boss; one who THINKS he is sick, while in reality, he is not. an illegitimate muffdiver. performs random acts associated with the phrases "butt pirate" and "uphill gardener".
Kang #1:Wuddup pimp, your such a kang because your cadillac pimpin all the beezies.

Kang #2:Ahh son I already know. i think they want me to skeet skeet on them with my two foot penis. good thing i had soggy waffles with my wheaties this morning.
by Bob Jeagermeister June 07, 2007

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