he was much better with the mask on. He ruled then. Now you see him smiling, making small talk, and his face sin't as bad as it was said. Oh yeah, I thought he was 6'11", not 7'.
Kane was very similar to the undertaker in size and moves, so they wrote up a gimmick of Kane as takers' brother, with paul bearer as the daddy. aaawww
by Gumba Gumba May 28, 2004
a seven foot freak, who is really ugly,and works for WWE.
kane is fried
by fgusdvgbfgj March 02, 2004
Currently a big ugly guy who got his freak on with lita and is now about to get a baby
oh my god kane put your mask back on!!!!!!
by RET September 21, 2004
Southern UK slang, meaning to humiliate, tease or ridicule a person, it can be playful or serious.
Jade: Did you hear Lily pissed herself on saturday when she was wrecked?
Sarah: Haha yeah, the boys are gonna kane her for that!
Jade: She got kaned in english aswell, haha.
by J u s t H a n n a h March 09, 2006
He is such a cool person even though he has ginger hair, he is safe as fuck and likes to do peoples mums.
Look its 'Kane', my mum was telling me she loves his ginger hair and he makes her feel good about herself.
by Enak February 14, 2005
kane makes out that he wants your mum, when he actually wants your dads monkey. he also likes the pizzle alot.
Hi my name is Kane and i want to spank your dad's monkey, and i like the alot of pizzle.
by duno February 14, 2005
1. a merced fag that is into cock & ball torture. if you see kane kick him in the nuts as hard as humanly possible. the harder you kick him, the more he'll pay you. he's rich! kick many times.
kane is a tweaking steve and loves his nuts kicked in. choke the fuck out of steve if you see him for a big bonus.
by Brain (the real one) & McNasty January 08, 2005

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