The best possible example of something.
A Platonic ideal.
To be of discernibly higher quality than all other related things.

The film Citizen Kane, said to be the preeminent form of filmic endeavors, and it's subsequent invocation in describing the quality of other things.
"Dude, that play in this sports match we are watching was kane!"

"Did you see that crazy kaner punch that bear in the face?! That bear didn't stand a chance!"

"Half-Life is the kanest game ever made."
by Joseph Pulitzer January 12, 2010
-verb, transitive
1. to eat very quickly, especially in excess quantities
2. to eat with no regard for one's own well being
Mike just kaned those two pumpkin pies!
by citizenkane November 29, 2008
Kane is the mastermind behind the nefarious Brotherhood of Nod from Westwood Studios Command & Conquer series of computer games. Little is known about him; many of his followers draw the connection between him and the biblical figure of Cain, which Kane does not go out of his way to confirm or deny.
He is infamous for his bald head and goatee. Played by Joseph D. Kucan.
"The Brotherhood exists wherever there is need."

- Kane
by Nihonto February 02, 2006
a pretty geeky, and nerdy guy, with a great personality. He'll make you laugh, ALOT, yet tends to get all depressed. He loves philosophy, and will break out in to random philosophical rants sometimes. Also a big anime enthusiast.
"When she mentioned galaxies, Kane started to question the reality of these star formations."
by That One Nerdy Gurl July 23, 2013
To let someone down at the last minute
"He's just told me he's not coming anymore" "oh ffs he's done a Kane"
by Mr naughty November 02, 2013
kane is an extremely unusual god, known to tame most siberian white tigers. and pussy cats. he has beautiful brown eyes and can sing scruge out of his mood swings. kane has found the cure for cancer and AIDS but wont tell anybody because he will have to eat them if they find out. his favorate meals are baby humans and katy perry.
Don't try to talk to kane, he will eat your baby.
by ''Official Kane fan club'' November 16, 2011
A Texan with a questionable sordid past who uses the internet to prey on anything female until one shows interest. Then he tricks her into falling for him, and travels to see her. He will proceed to drug her and marry her.
"Dude, that guy with the really greasy hair and creepy face? The one that looks like a rapist? Yeah he met his wife off the net, yo! He's a real Kanes!"
by Horatio McDougall May 02, 2005

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