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Kandy is simply another word for jewelry
Yo, check out all my Kandy
I made mad Kandy last night
wanta trade kandy?
by Smythe February 27, 2003
124 64
A common stripper name
Boy: Damn, you see Kandy ridin that pole?
Boy 2: Hell ya, that bitch fine as fuck
Kandy's Boyfriend: Back the fuck off!
Kandy's Boyfriend #2: Bitch, she mine!
by KaNdYbAbYqiiRl March 01, 2010
32 37
Narcotics of any sort
Bud, Pills, etc.
"Can you get us some kandy?"
"What'cha need?"
by Anonymous September 03, 2003
35 120
A misspelling of the word Candy or of the name Candy (short for Candace) which is often found among the illiterate, unschooled, lower classes, lower socio-economic groups or folks from the Ozarks or possibly Southern Oregon.
Holy gee, there goes Kandy! Wish she'd learn how to dress appropriately.


Did you ever notice how people who spell their name "Kandy" are almost always overweight and can't spell?
by Barmby Girl June 25, 2009
21 118
another word for porn
I went to the Kandy convention.
I went to the porno convention.
by Kabir March 08, 2005
18 154