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pretty bright colorededed beades (pony beads) worn in larg amounts by kandi kids and kandi ravers acseserized with plushies and furry ness that is great and pretty and will make u happy and want to do X but i dont to drugs cuz im to happy and bright and shiny and i love kandi have a nice day <3 PLUR forever
i love my kandi but steve has ugly kandi and now i havew the ugly kandi but PLUR!!
291 438
Bracelets made out of chunky beads or pony beads of many colors given as friendly gestures at parties and raves.
i got 5 pieces of kandi at the party last nite!
i am a kandi kidd
by PJ December 09, 2003
976 256
Could be bracelets, necklaces, headbands, cuffs, all made from chunky beads. Pony beads, colorful beads, plushy animals, sometimes have attachments, such as pacifiers. Given away at raves, or elsewhere, by people who live by PLUR. Wonderful forms of friendship and kandi is a great way to create lasting memories.
Person one: "I made a piece of Kandi for you!"

Person two: "Aww, k*otic, you didn't have to!"

Person one: "Just wanted to show some PLUR"
by rave queen July 15, 2009
429 138
1) (Noun) A hot ass girl that is underappreciated by someone that doesn't care about here.
Man that kandis, I feel sorry that she don't know her true lover.
by Anonymous Boi May 29, 2003
102 71
The kind of girl you dont wanna let go! She loves with all she has & makes it so easy to be in love with her. Mind blowig sexy!
Got that Kandis kind of love
by In love 4 ever July 11, 2011
47 36
A girl who hides behind a mask, but is truely beautiful on the inside. She may have a few quirks though.
Man shes weird, but shes kinda nice.
by Nemo August 29, 2004
65 64
Clothing line based out of Los Angeles. KANDi stands for Keep All New Dreams incredible. Their website it www.kandi.us
Is that a new KANDi tee?
by kandiMAN January 03, 2012
59 120
Me. I'm a lame ass, and i HATE no i LOATHE myself.
Wow, Kandis, you really f*cked up this time!
by kandeee February 11, 2005
34 95