Top Definition
Breasts, tits, titties, boobs
I was staring at this chick with huge kanaks, then she caught me.
by djLAVA December 07, 2010
whatever you want it to be
(most of the time it is an akward thing among friends or family)
I kanak alone sometimes, said the boy
by kanaker March 30, 2011
Biotch, Kanak wrote the dictionary.
Pshh you don't need an example; Kanak wrote the dictionary fool.
by Stacey M. A. G. March 10, 2006
an ugly fat girl with stinky smelly breath, either a fat face, nose, or belly, stupid fat retard, thinks shes hot but is not
lets fuck that kanak then kick her down the sewer where she belongs to eat shit
by lisa jane singh December 28, 2008

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