A very analytical person who likes to play jokes on people and see if they notice. This is a nice caring guy deep down. He always thinks of new ideas and is researching. He is super smart and has complex thinking skills. He is definately funny. And an awesome person to hangout with. He is deff a complex person with a side that not a lot of people would ever think he had unless they really knew him. He is an awesome best friend.
You can only find one Kamron in this world.
by That1personyewwknow!! December 07, 2010
Top Definition
Sexy male who loves yella' bones and is not afraid to spit his game at any fine female
all girls fall for his game
by Kamron March 28, 2005
An amazing cute guy who is caring and super sweet. Hes a great best friend and theres no guy like kamron. Hes always there and willing to listen and give advice. Hes always romantic. He has amazingly long eyelashes and beautiful green eyes.
Wow. I wish kamron was MY boyfriend...
by Lovingkamron August 16, 2013
Kamron is a really cool girl. She also goes by Kammy, KammyWammy, or KamKam. She's a ride or die friend that you'll have to the end of time. She's really pretty and gets the hunnies. She's also really smart and is probably foing to rule the world one day. She's the kind of friend that will do whatever it takes to make sure you get your act together. She's also really good with kids. Kamron is a life long friend
Did you see Kamron today? Damn she fine
by blvckpower February 18, 2015
A pretty and smart girl with a funny personality. Kamron has a short temper and hates most humans. She loves animals and outdoors. Kamron is the type that is hard to get to know, but when you do she is cool.
Dang! I wish I was like Kamron.
by Keep up with the world September 12, 2015
A maplestory-addict, crazed arab kid, who runs across the stage carrying other people on his back. He enjoys picking his nose.And has long eyelashes.
Damn. That Kamron kid is one crazed arab.
by Banana April 15, 2005
Criminal/expelled from 8th grade aka future rapper the pride of Bakersfield California
Dude did you see that Kamron on mtv last night read a stupid ass poem!
by PersianEminem000002 July 17, 2011

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