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Born to be a Clerk/Recorder & Registrar of Voters. Someone who reads government codes and has an addiction to local politics. A person who is extremely hot but makes excel spreadsheets for fun.
Kammi is so hot lets vote for her for Clerk/Recorder & Registrar of Voters.
by Urban legacy February 05, 2010
Cheap hooker who doesnt know how to drink.
Your a fucking Kammi
by Sexaholic babycakes July 27, 2011
When a girl is outside of her house and is too lazy to go inside and have sex so she just pulls her pants down and has sex outside.
Kammi didn't want to go inside because her parents were home, so she gave Jay a Kammi.
by CodyLRose June 01, 2012
nasty snaggled tooth skank residing in new jersey. dtf ( down to fuck) anyone in and or associated with a band

see band slut
" go get braces you don't want to look like kammi"

"that girl is such an ugly whore, she reminds me of Kammi"

by cali427 September 17, 2008
the first definition was actually done by tommy, not tony
by tommy June 27, 2003
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