Noun; An attention whore. Someone who craves an unlimited amount of attention, praise, worship, gifts, etc. from any and all sources available, without reciprocation.

Synonyms: narcissist, psycho, sociopath, cam-whore.
"Seems daddy didn't love her enough - she's acting like a kamina."
by sucker for crazy June 30, 2005
Top Definition
From Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the manliest anime character ever conceived. No one contains more GAR than him. Inventor of the totally epic finishing move "GIGA DRILL BREAKER." If it wasn't for him, the whole show would've sucked and Simon would still be a douche.
Maybe if I was more like Kamina, bullies wouldn't steal my lunch money.

Kamina died for our sins.
by Mr. Hitman April 04, 2009
A man who bursts forth from the underground in a blinding rage of fury, hope, and epic.
Digger of Endless Tunnels 1: I'm sick digging these endless tunnels..

Digger of Endless Tunnels 2: We must be Kamina and pierce the heavens with our claws!
by TeamRGB April 21, 2009
Verb. The act of dying suddenly and painfully early esp. in the single digit episodes of a standard length series (about 26 episodes).
Dude, my phone just Kamina'd. I swear it was totally charged, like, 5 minutes ago.
by HanaKaicho October 10, 2011
A beautiful benevolent creature who is loyal, trustworthy, and overall amazing. You couldn't have a better person in your life at any point who cares for you, loves you and adores nearly every aspect of you.
"I think I'm in love with Kamina"

"Kamina is amazing"

"You should date Kamina"
by Keepmeforever February 07, 2013
Something shockingly beautiful; beauty which inspires awe and amazement.
The view of the city from the mountain top was kamina to behold.
by M.Trace July 21, 2005
Something loose, easy, and large. AKA a slut.
That girl on the street in the leopard pring is so Kamina'd.
by Trucker August 02, 2003
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