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one bad motherfucker.
What's up Kamin?

Damn right, what's up. Kinechewa, bitch.
by Dr. Gonzo March 06, 2004
Stringing from the word kaminish: An act of somesort that is exacuted in an odd, obnoxious, or down right rude mannor, usually involving fire,fire works, etc, this act is usually symbolized by the rock - on symbol or \m/ for cyber use. When someone is acting or portraying "kaminish" thoughts or activities the person should be flashed the kamin immediatley, now the type of kamin this person recieves is depending on the rank of kaminish behaviour
kamin,Lighting toilet seats on fire, eating purple paint, Wearing oddly colored BAM! shoes, throwing burritos left and right,spending most school days in either principals office and or at home, lighting bottle rockets off at all hours of the day,
#wierd #unecessary #strange #odd #bad
by tdwp September 01, 2008
Latin: comes from the word kaminis which means egotistical bastard
You are such a kamin
by ANE January 29, 2005
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