A sex position. When the male grabs his testicles,and puts one on the side of the penis. Making it to appear like an airplane. Having the women spread-eagle, then running full force towards her hopefully making it in.
john: hey jess... jess: yea? John: dude i did the kamikaze on my girl. I didn't make it in, I fucking sprain my cock. jess: o shit where are you at? John: Hospital
#kamikaze #sex positions #sex #spread eagle #boner
by world by storm April 07, 2007
A sexual position where you are in a fromby and then prop one foot up on a coffee table (or something similar) and then you hit that tang with a radical downward angle (similar to a WW2 Japanese pilot's attack on ships).
Garry: So you get any last night, Aaron?
Aaron: Yeah man. I totally went kamikaze on that shit!!
Garry: Noice...I'm proud of you.
#fromby #tang #tony danza #ladyfriend #breakfast in bed
by Shakey Jake April 19, 2006
the opposite of a wingman a person who goes to a bar with his friend and does not go for the ugly girl yet proceeds to sink the battleship with his kamikaze style
You sunk my battleship bitch stop being such a kamikaze
by harry January 01, 2004
When smoking a blunt or joint, taking a kamikaze is hitting it with your nose
Jeff took a kamikaze the other day! man is he crazy.
#weed #smoking #blunt #joint #bud
by Jon T November 23, 2007
one behavior torwards a happy meal at mcdonald'
oh god these bastards gave my son a piece of shit in his happy meal, god damn them assholes
by PlayDohMan July 22, 2004
During sex, when you raise up about a foot above the girl and drop and pray that you hit a hole.
I tried for a kamikaze but just hit the taint.
by Justin Swift March 04, 2004
the balance between good and evil
this kamikaze know the diference between good and evil, s/he sacrifice his/her life in an evil action for a good cause
by k June 22, 2003
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