Known as "Divine Wind" this variation of the word usage centers around performing oral sex on a male. The "kamikaze bj" requires a lot of practice and a lot of
intuitive control, because the giver has either his or hands tied or handcuffed behind his or her back, thus making any
intervention with the hands impossible.
This is one sex act in which timing and
knowing your partner are paramount. The
result of trying this without sufficient
understanding, timing, and practice might
be a very unpleasant choking experience
for the giver. The receiver might also choose to be tied or handcuffed too, but
a third person (perhaps filming the
encounter) would have to unshackle both
participants afterwards. This is a most
extreme form of performing and receiving
oral sex.
"Last night Jennifer came over after work
and we tried the 'kamikaze' moves again and
this time it worked so well I almost
passed out. "
by weasler August 09, 2008
(n:)a reckless person, often somebody whose actions seem self-defeating or self-destructive
(adj:)reckless, especially in seeming to invite failure or self-destruction
"she's definitely a kamikaze"
by hakuum kamikaze July 24, 2008
A stray ash that falls from a cigarette and, in its last moment of existence, burns a person.
The kamikaze ash burned when it landed on my arm.
by carlosconseulos August 26, 2009
To be hit by a car showed no signs of putting on the brakes.
That girl was a kamikaze. She blew the stop sign and wiped out that other car. She didn't touch the brakes.
by sgt rock July 10, 2008
When youre doing a girl from behind and you pull out, spit on her back, and when she turns around, you nut in her eye
"oh my gosh Jill, im still blind in my right eye after the Kamikaze Jim gave me"
by Mickey Cyclone February 09, 2009
After farting place your head between your legs, inhale deeply (nasally or orally), and blow the charge directly into the face of the intended victim.
After a hard night on the turps I hit Dave with a Kamikaze resulting in projectile vomiting from both parties.
by BigRob78 December 30, 2007
Crazy Muthafuka, someone who does something totally insane.
He just jumped off the roof into the pool?? That Kamikaze!!
by Fitzie Sensei August 18, 2005

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