A word used to mean its cold outside.
Chris: Its bloody freezing this morning!
Trev: Yeah mate, its kamikaze
Chris: eh?
Trev: There's a nasty nip in the air!
by Chubbster July 17, 2011
a sexual act in which the male stands approxamately 5 feet and 6 inches away from the female who is laying on the bed on her back with her legs spread. from this pioint the man proceeds to sprint as fast as he can and try to aim his penis in to the females vagina without the use of his hands or any other object.
Jeremy: "Hey. Last night i tried out that kamikaze sex act you told me to try and i broke my damn dick!"

Andrew: "You're fucking retarded. I was kidding!"

Jeremy: "Well now i got a lighning bolt for a dick... Thanks alot Zeus!"
by satansarmy666 October 28, 2010
Someone who attempts to join in on a conversation that is already in progress, but only creates an awkward silence and "destroys" any further conversation.
We were having a great conversation about cars when John became a kamikaze and made a comment about airplanes, leaving the rest of us speechless...
by nhd115 June 06, 2013
an asian driver (very dangerous)

a kamikaze has trouble staying on the road at all
whoa that driver just went off the road on a straight-away for no apparent reason...what a kamikaze
by bear December 08, 2003
Another way of saying the D
Jamal: "Man I going to give kesha the kamikaze today!"
Leo: "Damn Nigga!"
by Exklus1iv April 12, 2015
Violent, reckless, suicidal, and self destructive (from the suicide attacks that the Japanese fighter pilots launched on American vehicles if they felt they were going to lose a fight)
This guy thought his Kamikaze strategy would usher in sucess for the team, but he was wrong.
by The Return of Light Joker June 06, 2009
Verb. To be stuck with a sticky/plasma grenade and use what little time you have to kill someone with the explosion.
Player 1: I just stuck you!!! lol XD
Player 2: KAMIKAZE!!!!
Player 1: OH SHIT!!! *BOOOM*
by RAZILFRAZILE May 17, 2010

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