While driving, a left turn across several lanes of traffic without the oncoming traffic have to to stop. For instance, making a left turn out of a parking lot with several lanes of traffic to cross.
When you come out of the Vons parking lot, you need to pull a kamikaze to go North on Main Street.
by gracie bear December 06, 2009
Complete and utter disregard to logic or to rational thinking. The epitome of "tunnel vision". Rash and reckless.
Dude: "Bro I’m on the last level, I have to save the princes" i.e. Super Mario Bros.
Bro: "Dude, you have to go kamikaze on his ass" i.e. Bowser
Dude: "Bro, but what about all the flying axes and fireballs?!!"
Bro: “Dude go kamikaze on his ass and you’ll make it!!!”

by $hoot3r_McG4viN August 02, 2008
What you shout while weilding a potato gun, japanese banadanna, round tinted spectacles and large y-fronts while charging at an enemy.
"what the FUCK!!??"

by cockmaster April 01, 2004
a dangerous technique that can be harmful or extremely pleasurable. the definition is when usually a man or a girl with a strap on comes running from one side of the room at full speed inserting their penis straight into the vagina or anus
When Kendrick entered the room Joanna had her legs open and he had no choice but to kamikaze the bitch.
by Dereck and Kendrick August 10, 2008
A sex position. When the male grabs his testicles,and puts one on the side of the penis. Making it to appear like an airplane. Having the women spread-eagle, then running full force towards her hopefully making it in.
john: hey jess... jess: yea? John: dude i did the kamikaze on my girl. I didn't make it in, I fucking sprain my cock. jess: o shit where are you at? John: Hospital.
by world by storm April 07, 2007
Japanese word "Divine wind".
In Japanese history, Japan had only a few crises to be invaded by foreign forces, twice by Mongolians and once by the USA.
When the Mongolian empire was at peak, Fubirai Kahn, a grandchild of Genghis Kahn, attempted to conquer Japan in 1274 and 1281 with massive forces. In both occasions, divine force, perhaps typhoon, destroyed Mongolian forces at sea. Since then, there was a belief that Japan was protected by divine force.
During the World War II, when Japan was loosing, Japanese air force adapted desparite suicidal attacks and named kamikaze after the divine wind.
Kamikaze was a crazy strategy.
At the time, Kamikaze was like guided missiles, and feared by American soldiers.
by Ramunenakayama November 27, 2007
Incorrectly pronounced as "ka-mah-ka-zee". Japanese pronunciation is "ka-me-ka-zey".
Kamikaze literally means "divine wind".
by Gaijin-san January 09, 2013

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