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A self-propelled watermelon from the Demented Cartoon Movie that appears with fanfare and zooms along until it splatters against a surface.
Dadadada-dadaaaaa! Wheeeeeee! *splat*
by Korora February 17, 2005
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The kamikaze watermelon, specifically named fooby, has varios ways of appearing in the demented cartoon movie. If someone says a sentence with "kamikaze watermelon" at the end, he's likely to appear. If someone presses a button with a picture of a watermelon above it, he'll come flying by. Despite being a kamikaze, he only ever kills one person.
*A truck driver crashes into a wall*
Guy 1:What was that guy, some kinda kamikaze..person?
Guy 2:Well at least he wasn't a watermelon!
Guy 1:A watermelon? Do you mean like... a kamikaze watermelon?
*fooby the kamikazi watermelon hits the wall*
Guy 2:THAT was a kamikazi watermelon.
Guy 1:What's next?
*a small man hits the wall and dies*
Guy 2:What's gonna happen now?
Guy 1:I dunno, another kamikazi watermelon?
*fooby flies in and blasts guy 1's head off*
by Alex Farley May 16, 2005
A flying watermelon that screams "Wheee" towards its target. Causes little harm, but can awake zeeky h-bombs. From the Demented Cartoon Movie.
"Whee!" (Splat)
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
1)A weird character from a hilarious cartoon.
2)An awesome IHS forum member!
"A watermelon? You mean, like, a
by Deadlyhomsar October 04, 2003
I didn't know his name was fooby,
However he IS a self propelled Watermelon. doot da doot da doo!!!!
Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Splat!
from the demented cartoon movie,
He is Painted on the underside of my surfboard to fighten sharks and groms
The Kamikaze watermelon damn near made
me piss myself laughing.
what the hell was that? some kind of Kamikaze watermelon...

My 9'0" Wander Inn is now refered to as the Kamikaze watermelon.
by Scared of Mammals August 03, 2004

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