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n. A smexy god bestowed by Greek goddess Muse, with the voice of the angel Gabriel. A man with a body that's just asking for eye-rape. Lead singer of the Visual Kei band: Versailles Philharmonic Quintet.

adj. Cute with somewhat of a devilish charm. Fuckin' sexy
Gabby: Did you see that guy ?

Sarah: Yeah ! He's such a Kamijo !

Alyssa: Hey,have you spoken to the new kid yet?

Ashley: Who ? Jake ?

Alyssa: Yeah. Whaddaya think of him?

Ashley: Hmm..Dunno. He's got a kamijo touch him and its totally fucking sexy.
by Suzalulu4ever November 26, 2010
Kamijo is a Japanese singer-songwriter, musician, and music producer. He is best known as lead singer of the visual kei bands Lareine and Versailles.
by Yuko Kojima September 26, 2013
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