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A series originally created in Japan which Saban got their filthy hands on and raped creating Saban's Masked Rider
The hero usually uses the word Henshin and transforms into a metal hero to defeat his enemies.

The current series (2006)is Kamen Rider Kabuto
Kamen Rider Kabuto: Henshin! Cast Off!
#henshin #tokusatsu #metal hero #sentai #japan
by MoonGazer July 06, 2006
Precurser to American Power Rangers.
"Kamen Rider kicks Power Rangers ***"
by Matt April 05, 2004
Show from 1970s in which the bad guys died in unnecessarily large explosions
The original power rangers
complete insanity...
by saywhat? May 26, 2005
A hero from from the 70s that has sometimes lost it's spirit and has been replaced by crappy female looking actors
"Kamen rider faiz was gay, Kamen rider one can kick its ass!!
by Zero Fire Unit March 03, 2005
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