An energy blast used by your jaiken(i do not know how to spell it)energy, taught by the turtle hermit. It is a popular energy wave on the series, Dragonballz.
KUH-MAU-HUH-MAY-HUH! Cell was defeated.
by KawaiiAnime October 28, 2003
to shoot a blue beam of energy from your hands usually a very big one and then practically kill your opponent mostly seen in the anime cartoons Dragon Ball,DRAGONBALLZ,and DRAGONBALL GT.MOSTLY USED BY GOKU,THE STRONGEST KICK ASS SUPER SAIYAN AROUND
omg run cell your practically dead he's shooting the kamehameha wave!!!!!!
by walter vick February 10, 2004
Turtle wave blast!!
by Luthe November 03, 2003
When you fill a condom with urine and surprisingly throw it at your significant other, all the while yelling, "Kame... Hame... HA!"
Your lady friend won't stop complaining so in the midst of sex you give her the 'ole KameHameHA!
This, of course, makes you even on all grounds.
by Kerfunk June 02, 2010
A popular attack used amongst powered-up young males (and rarely, females) with far too much energy. Kamehameha standoffs have been known to knock nearby bystanders off their chairs. The bright yellow blast is so bright that nobody can bear to look at it and memory of having seen it wears off shortly afterwards, with the viewer putting any remaining image of the energy blast down to drunkenness.

*jamus falls off her chair*
by Joshu July 30, 2005
this souvenir statue of this dude with a spear my mom gave to me after her vacation in hawaii
I brought my little Kamehameha to school and a fat ass sat on it and broke off it's arm
by Peter G November 03, 2003

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