The blast most commonly used by Goku and Gohan in the Dragonball, Z, GT. It is extremely powerful
Oh no it's the Kamehameha, run
by Kakarot October 26, 2003
Kamehameha translated literally from phonetic Japanese to English means "Turtle Destruction Wave".
Kame (turtle) Hameha (destruction wave/blast)

This attack was created by Master Roshi during his material arts training. The Kamehameha wave sacrifices attack preparedness and speed in order to cause massive damage.


Instant Kamehameha: Seen only once in the Cell Games Saga, while Goku is fighting Complete Cell, he is losing energy rapidly and pushes his remaining energy into one wave, at first it seems like he is going to destroy the planet and take Cell with him, however at the last minute he uses Instant Transmission (the technique of forming your physical body into mass a light and traveling to a location of somebody's Ki to teleport directly in front of cell, thus canceling out Kamehameha's low rate of speed, and the time it takes to build up the attack

Big Bang Kamehameha: Gogeta's take on the Kamehameha and the Big Bang Attack, derived from Goku and Vegeta receptively.

In the first season, after Goku gets back from his training with North Kai, he uses the 4x Kaioken technique to increase the power of his wave, at the point where Vegeta tries to destroy the planet using his Galick Gun (a technique similar too, and is presumably as powerful if not moreso than a Kamehameha, this is hinted at because it takes a long time to gather the energy to fire this attack).
The Kamehameha wave was created by Master Roshi, a material arts trainer from the fictional anime series Dragonball.
by kyle.biddle December 19, 2010
Kamehameha, or "Turtle Shockwave" In japanese, is another name for the energy blast created in the anime/manga Dragon Ball.
It is used throughout the whole entire series, and the 2 series, Dragon Ball Z And GT after it.

Created by Master Roshi, it took 50 years to master and Goku learned it by just watching Master Roshi perform it for the Ox King to save his village from a fire.

In order, these are the people who know how to use the Kamehameha: Master Roshi, Goku, Yamcha, Krillin, Tien,Gohan,Cell, and Gotenks (Including Trunks and Goten fused).

How to Perform: 1. Stretch arms straight out
2. Put bottom wrists together vertically with both thumbs facing the same direction (left or right doesnt matter)
3.Hold position and pull hands to the side with both palms facing the side
4.Concentrate Chi or Ki energy into the ball between your hands
5.Once the ball is of sufficient size to the user release
(IMPORTANT) You must shout Ka me ha me once all through the steps, and once your read to release face palms toward enemy and shout HA after your first line is done.
Goku used Kaioken to triple his Kamehameha attack against Vegeta in their first battle. When released Vegeta shot his Galatic Cannon and the two powers collided in an Epic explosive energy battle ending in Goku's Favor.

(Kamehameha Steps) Notice in the Kamehameha steps that there are only 5 Steps to follow. And the Kamehameha has 5 syllabus lol Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha
remember to stretch the syllable like Kaaa-Mee-Haaa-Mee-Haaa so you can have plenty of time to charge a full blast, or shoot out a quick one.

Master Roshi Invented the Kamehameha or "Turtle Shock Wave" to defeat his opponents and gain massive power, although now dwarfed by Goku and his friends.
by RealDefinitionGuy101 June 25, 2010
The act of cupping your hands together, farting in them, and throwing the ass gas at your friends face, you must also yell "Kame-hame-HAAA" for full effect!
I just did a kamehameha, it was the proudest moment of my life.
by Hyperaktivemind July 26, 2010
best school in the world that produces "good and industrious men and women".. this school has a preference for students with hawaiian ancestry, but they are not racist.. IMUA!!!
Kamehameha is the best school in the world. he Hawaiʻi au, mau a mau.
by xxemoxxbabiixx April 16, 2009
Popular form of Energy blast from the anime Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT.
AHHHHH*10minutes of grunting and yelling*HHHHHHHH Kaaameeehaaameeehaaa! *boom*
by mad at the world February 28, 2003
when you fir you load with max energy
as he finish getting energy and blasted his kamehameha he finished the crispycream dounut
by greystorm101 October 14, 2011
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