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An often high-maintenance female's high-pressure, unreasonable, unrealistic, and even bizarre criteria she expects a guy to adhere to. Hard to even just consider it at best high standards when it generally comes off merely as a woman having a man on the hot seat as if her sh*t don't stink. And it's no wonder why a girl on this tip is single and bitter.

Named for the cast member from MTV's The Real World Boston who had this ridiculous list of 200+ requirements a man had to meet in order to date her. Also known as "Kameelah-a$$ list" in the Okayplayer community.
Does every girl on BlackPlanet have to have a Kameelah list on her page?

If you meet a chick from a sorority, chances are she's sizing you up on her Kameelah list.
by Kuahmel November 30, 2009
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