a person who displays extreme beauty, their a tight mother fucker and everyone wants to be them or like them; they are well rounded. they like to have alot of sex and drink excessively, and they like to get jiggy with it. Cautious: dont mess with these people they will fuck you up.
halie: oh shit a kamal is coming.
john: damnn shes fine
halie: she i beautiful but really mean
john: but shes finee!!
halie: *thinking* i wish i was a kamal.
#georgous #beatuy #bitch #fun #amazing
by mufasa 33 January 30, 2010
Top Definition
The definition of gangsta. Thuggish in every sense of the word.
"You better watch your girl, man. A kamal might snatch her up"

"That homie's mad kamal"
#gangsta #thug #homie #homeboy #g
by ff35748539856932465976 February 09, 2008
An adjective which means smeller, commonly used on IRC.
Also means an egotistical, arrogant hypocrite.
<Person1> Person2: You're such a kamal!
<Person2> Hey, you smell too!
#smeller #arrogant #irc #hypocrite #idiot
by TheEndermen December 16, 2012
One who enjoys many baths and cups of tea. Also very relaxed.
'Get out of the bath! You're such a Kamal!'
#kamal #tea #baths #lazy #relax
by Radiodad January 05, 2009
The sexiest fucking goat in the world that many Arabs(such as me) have sexual desires of.
Arab 1: bruder did you see kamal last night?
Arab 2: yeah bruder I seen kamal at the pub yesterday and I jumped over the fence and had anal sex with him

Arab 1: daaaaaamn why didn't you invite me? We could have had the best 3 some
by Based_JihadKamal November 02, 2015
A guy who is very heartbroken. He has been shamed and scarred for life. Anyone who knows a Kamal should help him, for he has had the darkest of experiences
Hey that Kamal has recently gotten rejected. Poor guy
#guy #man #awesome #sad #crush
by Papapaplalala May 28, 2014
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