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(VERB)(type- Action)
A maneuver used during sex just before orgasm whereby a man pulls his penis out of a womans vagina moments before or seconds after he orgasms
Often used in sex with 0 contraception for desperate people who forgot the pill or rubber or both.
Often used to either prolong the pleasure as long as possible before pullout or when a man cannot last any longer and had to ditch just after making the woman orgasm
BEFORE SEX: wasnt it nice for us to spend the weekend up in the cabin honey ya it was im gunna go to the store and get a rubber so we can get down to the real reason why we're here.
(At store: Hey you got any rubbers
Old man no man sorry the old mormon family back up the street bought em all up.
Man: Damn all well thanks for my girls pills we'll be fine
During sex:MAN: Ya ya you want it you want it dont you deep inside like we always do
Woman: Are you crazy!!! i forgot the pill i told you like 100 times!
Oh sh*** honey im gunna spewge!!! No hunny stay in a bit longer im almost there
man Oh SH$&!
~man pulls out as he orgasms.
by MK March 20, 2005

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