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Kamahl is a Sri Lankan born singer in Australia infamous for having making the ladies delirious with his velvety rendition of Old Man River.
He can beat pretty much anyone in a fight.
Dude, I totally Kahmahled my girlfriend last night. IN YOUR FACE!
by Leigh December 16, 2003
Kamahl, Pit Fighter. A Magic the Gathering character with no character whatsoever other than "Ah ha! BASH BASH BASH!" In both incarnations in the cards he was boring and a no-brainer to play. Much like many decks from that period...
Scrub - "Okay, I tap 4GG and cast KAMAHL, FIST OF KROSA! You're gonna die now!"
Me - "Counterspell."
Scrub - "Arse."
by KHD November 08, 2003
n. Not pronounced Kah-mah-hal like some retards like to call him.
by Irob March 10, 2003
noun: Pit fighter of Otaria from Magic: The Gathering. Looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin, becomes a druid.
Everyone thinks Kamahl is so cool, but even an Eage Cadet can kill him!
by BDD February 05, 2003

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