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(n.) Beauty that is more than skin deep.
"For some reason, he doesn't seem to notice how beautiful she is. He likes her for her."
"He's found a kalon."
by Heliophilia September 21, 2013
Normally a Cool Guy That Knows a Lot of People. And Normally Has Friends that are Nob Heads. Hes So Cool he Makes Ice Cubes Jelous. 'Kalon' The One And Only. The Best Name in Europe.
by Batman K. July 04, 2009
Kalon is when a girl enjoys to have sex with dolls. It doesn't matter if they have no 'parts', she bangs it like there's no tomorrow. Often she is seen at toys' r' us, sears and such toy places. Her favourite location for these humpings is at movie theatres. The thrill of people watching and the popcorn filled air make her hot. She may have a psychotic personality.
Female in movie theatre: "Is that girl grinding that elmo doll?"

Male: " Yea! its a kalon! She looks so hot!"

by Rebecca B March 28, 2008
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