She also talks soo much and it's soo annoying...hah it funny there are so many people that literally talk behind her back. Her clothes are way too small for her, they do make bigger sizes HUN! lol...shes also kinda chunky... if she spent as much time running as she does putting on makeup then she would prolly weigh like 60 pounds! LOL!!
Her purity ring means NOTHING to her...shes going to hell!!
by Ur Mom February 01, 2005
Top Definition
a very amazing girl that matches her looks in personality. Shes a lovable person and positive you'll not regret meeting her. She deserves alot and stupid catz teachers have to watch it!(: She been like this from birth and if you dont know her, get to know her(:
Have you met Kallyn? {no.......} O well Your lost because she one of the coolsest people you'll ever meet(:
by ernestoisfly? October 03, 2010
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